Clean Power Advisors provides consulting services for Startups to Global Fortune 500 companies including Technology Companies (R&D), Product Manufacturers, Finance Companies, Energy Project Developers, EPC Contractors and Distributors for international business expansion, new market entry and strategic business development.

CPA delivers client-focused services with senior-level leadership in every relationship and on every assignment we undertake.

We work closely with each client to understand the intricacies of their business and their short and long term goals and objectives. We use our market insights to formulate a specific action plan to meet these financial and strategic goals. Our ultimate objective is to optimize shareholder value.

Project Financing and Sales and Acquisitions

Project sales and acquisitions for development stage to shovel ready and operating projects, and portfolios. We have a broad range of U.S, and international buyers for quality projects and strong relationships with developers and EPC contractors who have projects for sale.  This includes commercial and industrial and utility scale renewable energy, micro-grid, and other Cleantech projects and portfolios.  We help both buyers and sellers maximize value and financial returns.

We can assist developers in arranging project and development equity in the U.S. and internationally, and tax equity for projects in the U.S.   Our investors and buyers include banks and utility subsidiaries, energy and infrastructure funds, Independent Power Producers, and strategic investors who may be equipment suppliers, or EPC contractors.

We arrange non-recourse construction and term debt, and equipment leasing and sale leasebacks. We work with banks and insurance companies, development banks and export finance agencies, energy and infrastructure debt funds, and non-conventional sources that provide construction loans, Mezzanine loans and Term B loans.  We also work with investment banks who can arrange bond financing.

Our dedicated team of professionals will engineer the optimal financing solutions to deliver the greatest value to all parties.  We form strong, lasting relationships with developers, investors and lenders. We are flexible and creative in our financing structures, combining a variety of solutions best suited to address all the needs of your project, or businesses.  We take time to understand the fundamentals of your business and projects. We build trust through the quality of our execution, as we work together each step of the way.

United States (US) + European (EU) market entry issues

The renewable energy markets are a complex maze of regulations, national and regional programs rules, supply issues, financial uncertainties, and competition. CPA can help you understand each of these factors and identify the opportunities for your company and its products and services.

Market Intelligence services

Market intelligence is critical to competitive success. CPA specializes in providing customized research and analysis that offers insight into the business strategies of competitors, partners, and customers. CPA can respond to the most specific questions its clients have about individual firms and market segments.

CPA also provides market intelligence to organizations seeking insights on industries, market trends, and even locations around the world. These confidential reports are typically used as inputs into business development and market entry strategies.

Business and Pipe Line Development

We have a team of seasoned business development professionals that can help provide product sales, develop distributor relationships, and build your sales pipe line. This includes developing sales and marketing materials, and recruiting and training sales business development professionals, and independent representatives.

Competitive assessment + financial modeling

Creating accurate business models in the renewable energy markets are challenging. Gain confidence in the level of financial commitment required – and profit potential. Include industry pricing, costs, margins and cash flow information in your plan. Let us check your assumptions, offer guidance and help you set realistic goals.

Strategic + tactical planning

We take pride in the thoughtfulness and creativity of our advice. Our technical skills, industry expertise, and extensive relationships provide our clients a tactical edge in the most critical business situations they face.

Key contact introductions

We have a significant international network of top level contacts. They can broaden your knowledge, enhance your perspectives and supply valuable information. Our efforts have worked with many companies and established a broad network of strategic and investor relationships.